Bracelet gold plated, Swarovski crystals and gemstones: tsavorite, perhnite and jade


Gold plated bracelet and semi-precious stones:
-tsavorite chips: this stone is part of glossulaires garnets. Its name comes from the Kenya Tsavo Park; This is a rare stone, great hardness. This is a green garnet, sparkling and intense. This is a powerful stone that fights negative energies, it brings inner peace and balances the intellectual, emotional and physical level. It also strengthens memory.
-jade 8 sunflower and green faceted 4 mm. This stone promotes inner peace and
helps us discover the beauty that surrounds us. It symbolizes harmony and peace.
-4 4 mm round citrine is the stone of joy, optimism and creativity. It restores the tone of appetite and combat depression.
-12 perhnite faceted 4 mm: this is a stone that gives us enthusiasm, joy and vitality.
This nice bucolic jewel is decorated with a charm leaf plated gold (12x8mm), beads plated gold also, 2 brass washers and 4 swarovski bicones
It measures 18 cm and is extended by a pretty 2 cm extension chain decorated by brass sequin.

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