Wedding plate necklace gold gemstones: Garnet and pearl beads and a gold plated chain with swarovski pearls


Pretty necklace made of plated chain embellished rondelle Garnet deep red and small Lavender Amethyst, 3 pearls and rosaline swarovski pearls (3 pears), 5 creamrose pearls and 2 multifaceted Golden schadow disco beads and Amethyst. The Baroque swarovski pearls mimic perfection freshwater pearls. Their quality and brilliance is incomparable and unalterable.
This necklace has a very elegant, it is perfect for a ceremony (wedding, baptism...). In addition, it is easy to wear and can match with any outfit.
It measures in total with pendant 53 cm and it is extended by 4 cm extension chain

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